2018 - Fundamental of Statistics using R (LIC-MFDS-1)
2018 - Fundamental of Statistics using R (LIC-MFDS-1)
Covering Basic concepts of statistics such as interpreting data, probability distributions, and time series. Using R to solve practical data analysis problems such as regression analysis and feature selection
2018 - Visual Analytics with Tableau (MFDS-DA)
2018 - Visual Analytics with Tableau (MFDS-DA)
Data visualization is an essential key to understand the data for any further analysis. It is also very useful tool for communicating results and concepts during presentations. In this course, you'll learn how to make the data work for you so...
2018 - Financial Mathematics (MFDS-FM)
2018 - Financial Mathematics (MFDS-FM)
Learning mathematical techniques that are used for financial applications
2018 - Data Science and Machine Learning (MFDS-ML)
2018 - Data Science and Machine Learning (MFDS-ML)
Learning data science tools and algorithms such as random forest, decision tree, clustering, and KNN, SVM, neural networks, NLP, and basic Deep Learning.
2018 - Python programming (MFDS-PY)
2018 - Python programming (MFDS-PY)
Python programming and its use in the filed of data science and finance.
2018 - Advanced Python programming (MFDS-PY2)
2018 - Advanced Python programming (MFDS-PY2)
Advanced Python programming for data science and mathematical finance applications.
2018 - Soft skills and job landing (MFDS-SS)
2018 - Soft skills and job landing (MFDS-SS)
Interview Skills, Resume, cover letter, Networking etc.
2018 - Advanced Excel with VBA
2018 - Advanced Excel with VBA
Fundamentals of Data Science
Fundamentals of Data Science
Machine Learning
Machine Learning